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Student Engagement

The Catalysis Innovation Consortium is dedicated to engaging with and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to nurturing and growing our underrepresented and underserved students, postdocs, faculty and staff in ways that enrich both their personal and professional development through their participation with the consortium. The CIC has a DEI committee compromised of senior faculty, graduate students, and CIC administrators.

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Student Engagement Initiatives & Special Events

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The DEI Committee hosts professional development panels, workshops, and events throughout the year to enhance. These professional development initiatives are designed to show that people at all levels experience and overcome challenges to become successful, including but not limited to:

  • Student Panels: where students share their stories, application
    processes, & research

  • Faculty Panels: where faculty share their stories, give advice, and share their research

  • Industry Panels: where industry partners demystify a lot of my mysteries around industry


Our idea is that we can have a high impact on PUI students by partnering them with an R1 and an industrial member. Small size virtual meetings, each R1 group should partner up with a PUI group (but PUI groups can be more than one due to small size), and it will result in an REU between the groups.


  • Share internship opportunities from industry with all CIC members (with a focus on encouraging participation of students from PUI/HBCU)

  • Provide guidance to students on job application materials (CV, research summary)

  • Engagement via Slack (and newsletter) from industry members

  • Provide opportunity for students on the job market to give short talks to CIC for practice/feedback


Transform the PUI/R1/Industry Engagement into summer research experiences. Students will get an exciting summer research experience. And hopefully these students will go to grad school.


In coordination with CIC Faculty, the CIC Administration funds student exchanges and collaborations between groups within the CIC community. These opportunities allow students to further their research with peers and mentors from other instiutions. Accommodations include funding for lodging (up to 3 weeks) and flights.


a. In person or virtual seminars at minority serving institutions (MSI)
b. MSI hosts will effectively promote seminars at their institution
Resources: Funding to support travel to MSI. Help with promotion of virtual seminars.

Meet the CIC Community
Engagement Action Committee

The CIC Community Engagement and Action Committee are....

Mission Statement:

  1. Engage the entire CIC community in learning and development programs.

  2. Provide inclusive programming to address topics of discussion valuable to the diverse membership of the CIC.

  3. Provide opportunities for students to network with industry professionals and obtain career advice and connections.

  4. Bridge gaps in knowledge for members of the CIC community in areas of scientific expertise and professional development.

  5. Highlight student work and contributions to the CIC and provide opportunities for trainees to be recognized as emerging leaders in the field.

Our Corporate Partners

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