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The Catalysis Innovation Consortium presents:

2024 Annual Meeting

The Catalysis Innovation Consortium is excited to host it's 2nd Annual Meeting!

We welcome our members; including academics, industrial members, and graduate students from the CIC community to engage in research, collaboration, and networking to further the goals and aims into the new academic year.

If you are a member of the CIC community and haven't already, please be sure to pre-register by emailing Managing Director, Alan Bailey, at

Emory University - Aerial Photo.jpg
Emory University - Aerial Photo.jpg

The CIC Annual Meeting is an opportunity for our global community of academics, scientists, industry partners, and graduate students to engage with one another in-person. This event features programming that allows for research, networking, socialization, and collaboration opportunities that furthers innovative catalysis science.

  • 116 attendees (in-person)

  • ?? virtual

  • 32 faculty groups represented

  • 23 professors

  • 12 industrial scientists

  • 55 student poster presentations

CIC _ 2023 Annual Meeting _ Group Photo.png

Faculty Member #1

"The CIC Annual Meeting was an amazing opportunity to engage with other notable researchers from across the U.S. As a junior faculty member, I was able to build connections with senior academics in the field to expand my research and further my career."

Graduate Student #1

"This was one of the BEST conferences I've ever attended. I was able to build connections with other graduate students who are in my field that not only understand my experience, but can also collaborate on the science I am passionate about."

Industrial Member #1

“This meeting was invaluable to my organization in getting cutting edge research from experts that are involved in with the science daily. We were able to build mutually beneficial collaborations that last long past the weekend event”
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