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The Catalysis Innovation Consortium

A Living Legacy of the
NSF Center for Selective C–H Functionalization

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Our Major Themes

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New Paradigms in Catalysis

We develop new paradigms in catalysis to expand the range of catalytic transformation that can truly be highly impactful in an industrial setting.

Bio-Orthogonal Catalysis and Biocatalysis

Design catalysts for selective reactions for bio-orthogonal synthesis that can be applied to derivatize biomolecules such as peptides and carbohydrates and for the late-stage functionalization of natural products and drug candidates.

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Sustainable Catalysis for C–H Functionalization

Control site-selective C–H functionalization simply by selecting the appropriate catalyst for the reaction. Sustainable and more practical reagents and catalysts need to be developed. Computational techniques and concepts of machine learning need to be applied to develop guidelines and predictive rules for what would be the ideal combination and reagents for a desired site-selective C–H functionalization.

Broad Academic-Industrial Collaborations

Expand the academic/industrial engagement to ensure that new advances in catalysis broadly impact the design of new pharmaceuticals in particular, but also, agrochemicals and specialty materials.

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Applications of Next-Generation Technology

Bring in new technology to impact catalyst development and screening and their application in organic synthesis.  This will include applying chemical engineering techniques and machine learning to maximize the utility of the new catalysts.

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